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Governors and Trustees

The Greetland Academy Trust Vision and aims:

The Greetland academy trust always strives to provide an inspirational, positive and welcoming teaching and learning environment where there is a sense of pride and fun and where everyone works together with confidence, enthusiasm and mutual respect.

The Greetland Academy Trust aims to nurture academic, personal, spiritual and social development in a caring and professional manner so that all achieve their full potential and all can reach great heights.

The Greetland Academy Trust – Core Principles:

  • GREAT teaching and learning opportunities for all within the partnership
  • REAL life opportunities to develop an understanding of the wider world
  • ENTHUSE a love of learning and mutual respect
  • ACADEMIC development to nurture potential of all
  • THOROUGH accountability

West Vale Primary School joined The Greetland Academy Trust on the 1st March 2018 as a sponsored academy. The Local Governing Body for West Vale School has an oversight role; they monitor, review and communicate the development of the academy and report to the Trust Board. The Trust Board appoint the Local Governing Body who act as a committee to the Trust.

 The function of the LGB includes:

  • Building an understanding of how the school is led and managed to support future developments
  • Engaging with stakeholders
  • Being a point of consultation and representation

The detailed activity of the Local Governing Body is to:

  • Effectively monitor the implementation of the Trust and academy’s strategic development plans for West Vale Primary School.
  • Champion the vision, ethos and strategy of the Trust, through maintaining a clear and explicit vision for the future for West Vale Primary School.
  • Provide the necessary information to the Trust Board with regards to operation and performance of West Vale Primary School.
  • Monitor and review West Vale Primary School progress against agreed strategic goals in accordance with academy progress, including at key growth stages or if performance of the academy drops.
  • Effectively communicate with relevant stakeholders.
  • Monitor school staff and LGB training to ensure it is linked to the development priorities.
  • Monitor the progress and attainment of all pupil groups, always ensuring there are effective measures in place to diminish any gaps.
  • Have an effective oversight of the performance of all other employees at West Vale Primary School.
  • Ensure that statutory requirements are met.
  • Support business and financial planning making sure money is well spent.

 The term of office for all governors is four years.

 West Vale Primary Local Governing Body Members


Lynn Lynch - Chair                             Community Governor

Sheena Miller                                    Community Governor

Luke Cook                                          Parent Governor

John Bradley                                      Parent Governor

Rebecca Townend                               Staff Governor

Fiona Gardiner – Principal                  Staff Governor

Pam Gunter                                       Clerk to The LGB

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