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West Vale Primary School is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for children to learn and develop into responsible members of our community. The documents below form part of our safeguarding strategy to ensure children are protected.

If you have any concerns over you or your child's social networking activity, please press the red button bellow to report it to us.



A new study has revealed that over half of parents could not name the person their child chats to most on the internet.

The 'Virtual Parenting Report' was commissioned to mark the launch of, a new social network site only available to young people under the age of 18.  It reveals a major disparity between the safety standards that parents typically teach in the real world and those that they allow online.

While 95% of parents polled said they would not want their child speaking to strangers, a total of 62% said that they were unaware of their online contacts.  Only a third admitted they were vigilant when it came to their child's internet safety.

I addition, 50% are unaware that photos or other pieces of personal information have been posted on the web while 28% of parents do not supervise their child's online behaviour at all.

As well as highlighting the dangers, the findings of the report aim to persuade parents to keep a closer watch on online activity.

For further information about chatroom safety visit:

BBC 'Own IT' e-safety app

The BBC has launched a new online safety smartphone app called 'Own IT'.  It has been designed for children aged 8 - 13 who've got their first smartphone.  The advice and tips offered could be helpful to any young person.

The app builds up a picture of a child's digital well-being and serves relevant content, information and interventions designed to help your child understand the impact that their online behaviour can have on themselves and on others.

If a child is under 13 they'll need a parent or guardian to download it for them from the Google Play Store or iTunes app store.

The following sites offer help and guidance on keeping children safe online
Follow the links below to find how to set parental controls on these devices and sites